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Parker Triple Lok Hydraulic Fittings

Our range of products include parker ermeto ball bearing rotary fittings, parker triple-lok fittings, parker weld fittings, parker triple lok soft seal flare jic tube fittings and parker o-lock ofrs fittings.
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Parker Ermeto Ball Bearing Rotary Fittings
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Parker Ermeto Ball Bearing Rotary Fittings

Approx. Price: Rs 6,500 / PieceGet Latest Price
Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity5 Piece
ApplicationHydraulic Pipe
ConnectionWelded, Male, Female

Parker offers fittings that provide leak free solutions. Fitting styles include Ball bearing rotary fittings are used for working pressures up to 250 bar. Favorable pressure/RPM ratio. Compact maintenance-free construction, service-proved. Combined ball and plain bearing with constant lubrication. Low starting torque. War-resistant annular piston sealings. Flow media: Hydraulic oils and lubricant on mineral oil base. Also for hydraulic HETG and HEES. Not suitable for corrosive and HFC-fluids or gases. Materials: Casing, body nut and progressive ring of steel, annular piston sealing: POM (e.g. Delrin)/FKM (e.g. Viton®). Eolastic sealing: NBR (e.g. Perbunan, also available in FKM. Surface: Zinc-plated with yellow chromate (A3C). Product range: Series L tube o.d. 6 to 35 mm Series S tube o.d. 6 to 38 mm Construction: 8 different versions with one rotational axis. Multiaxial rotary couplings on request. Tube connections according to DIN 2353, series S. Maximum working pressure 250 bar (peak pressure). Male stud sealing by Eolastic seals of NBR. Male sutd with metric parallel or BSPP thread Nominal temperature: -25° C up to +80° C

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Parker Triple-lok Fittings
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Parker Triple-lok Fittings

Approx. Price: Rs 200 / PieceGet Latest Price
Product Details:
Size1 inch, 3/4 inch, 1/2 inch
ApplicationGas Pipe, Pneumatic Connections, Hydraulic Pipe, Structure Pipe, Chemical Fertilizer Pipe
TypeBrass, Copper

Parker’s triple-lok 37° flare tube fittings have been used in industry since mr. Parker pioneered the product in the 1930s. The 37° flare fitting is the most popular industrial tube/hose fitting connection in the world. Today, parker offers a broad range of triple-lok fittings meeting sae j514, iso 8434-2 and military standards and specifications. The triple-lok design is quite simple. The tube fitting consists of three pieces: the body, the nut and the sleeve. The tube end is flared at a mating 37° angle and sandwiched between the fitting nose (seat) and the sleeve creating an effective seal between the fitting nose and tube flare or hose. Parker’s triple-lok fittings are manufactured in steel, 316 stainless steel and brass for optimum fluid compatibility and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, available sizes range from 1/8" tube o. D. To 2" tube o. D. In several configurations. Adaptability to global ports is another key benefit of triple-lok. (standard ports include: sae, straight thread iso-6149, npt, bspt, bspp and din. ) The triple-lok tube fitting is also readily available for metric tubing and hose adapter applications. Simply by changing the industry standard sleeve, the same triple-lok body can be adapted to metric tubing in sizes ranging from 6 mm tube o. D. To 38 mm tube o. D. Likewise, by using only the body without the nut and sleeve, the triple-lok fitting is used as an industry standard hose adapter.

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Parker Weld Fittings
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Parker Weld Fittings

Approx. Price: Rs 1,500 / PieceGet Latest Price
Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity10 Piece
Parker provides a broad range of welded fittings. These include socketweld, buttweld,and orbital buttweld connections.Heat Code
Traceability is standard on all welded configurations.

Weld Nipple fittings Principle :-
weld nipple fittings with an O-ring seal between weld nipple and fitting body give impressive tear out resistance and sealing integrity.

Weld nipples SKA conform with DIN 3865 form A.

Fitting bodies and nuts are fully interchangeable for weld nipple and for 2/progressive ring fittings of the same series and external tube diameter.

Materials and surface protection:
Steel phosphated and oiled, O-ring of NBR (e.g. Perbunan).
Stainless steel 1.4571, O-ring of FPM (e.g. Viton)

Welding suitability and weldability
Weld nipples, tube bend weld nipples and ASK types made of steel are weldable according. to usual techniques. Types made of 1.4571 (stainless) are suitable for arc welding. The welding filler should be selected in accordance with DIN 8556 part 1 with consideration of the type of application and the welding technique.

Tube recommendation
We recommend the use of tubes in steel and stainless steel as illustrated in this catalogue.

Nominal Pressure (PN) of complete weld nipple fittings
The nominal working pressure (PN) of a complete weld nipple fitting is dependant upon the least rated component, i.e. tube, weld nipple or fitting. The component out of these three with the lowest rated pressure or working pressure determines the nominal pressure (PN) of the complete fitting.
Permissible temperature range
For weld nipples, tube bends with weld nipples and ASK types of steel with O-rings of
1. NBR (e.g. Perbunan): –35°C to + 100°C
2. FPM (e.g.viton): –25°C to + 200°C

without pressure reductions
For temperature range and necessary pressure reductions for weld nipples, weld nipple fittings and ASK types of 1.4571, see corresponding page.

Fitting assembly
1. Cut off the tube square, deburr and bevel the end of the tube in conformance with DIN 2559.
2. Slide nut onto the weld nipple.
3. Weld nipple to the tube according to normal welding procedure. The tube and nipple must be aligned.
Before welding, please remove the nut.
4. Dress the weld on the inside and outside.
5. Fit the O-ring without twisting. The taper, the nut and the cone must all be clean.
6. Oil the nut, taper and cone and thread before assembly
7. Screw on the nut by hand. Fully tighten using a spanner with 1/4 to 1/2 turns.
Make sure that the tube with the weld nipple is assembled straight and without in built stress.

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Parker Triple Lok  Soft Seal Flare JIC Tube Fittings
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Parker Triple Lok Soft Seal Flare JIC Tube Fittings

Approx. Price: Rs 250 / PieceGet Latest Price
Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity200 Piece
ApplicationHydraulic Pipe
Thread SizeJIC,UNF
    Parker's soft seal 37° flare JIC tube fittings and adapters, Triple-Lok 2, offer the versatility of the popular metal to metal seal with the added advantage of an elastomeric seal in the nose of the 37° flare. This design creates superior sealing performance in metal-to-metal seal applications with working pressures up to 20% more than standard stainless steel metal to metal 37° flare JIC tube fittings and adapters.

    • Oil and Gas
    • Unmanned Submarines
    • Marine
    • Power Generation
    • Pulp and Paper
    • Semiconductor

    • Specifically engineered groove design that prevents nose collapse.
    • Easily adaptable to inch tube, metric tube and hose giving it worldwide acceptance.
    • Interchangeable with standard 37° flared fittings and features a replaceable standard O-ring seal.
    • Exceeds all performance requirements of SAE J514.
    • Vast selection of port end options, including SAE Straight Thread O-ring Boss (ORB), NPTF, BSPP-ED, BSPP-O-ring Retaining Ring (ORR), BSPP, BSPT, ISO 6149, Metric-O-ring Retaining Ring (ORR), and Metric-ED.
    • Parker's Robust Port Stud on adjustable ports is manufactured with a longer locknut virtually eliminating washer damage and potential leaks, as well as making assembly mistake-proof.
    • Available in stainless steel in sizes ¼“through 2” with working pressures up to 9000 psi.

    • Hydraulic fluid and gas handling connections

62 (Dynamic Pressure)


621 (Dynamic Pressure)




Stainless Steel


90°, Staight, and Tee


9000 (Dynamic Pressure)




Male 37° Flare with O-ring Seal on Nose


1/2, 3/8 and 1


90 Durometer Nitrile


SAE J514

Additional Information:
  • Port of Dispatch: DELHI
  • Delivery Time: 6-8 WEEK
  • Packaging Details: BOX PACKING
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Parker O-Lock Ofrs Fittings
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Parker O-Lock Ofrs Fittings

Approx. Price: Rs 250 / PieceGet Latest Price
Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity50 Piece
Size1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch
ApplicationStructure Pipe, Gas Pipe, Hydraulic Pipe


  • O-ring face seal tube fittings (also known as flat face or orfs fittings) have been proven to be very effective in eliminating leakage at higher pressures found in today's hydraulic systems. Parker seal-lok fittings meet or exceed the requirements of sae j1453 and iso 8434-3.
  • Parker seal-lok fittings feature a captive o-ring groove (corg) design for optimal sealing, and prevention of o-ring fall-out prior to final assembly.
  • Parker o-ring face seal tube fittings are available in steel, stainless steel and 316 stainless steel.
  • The seal-lok fitting is the tube fittings division’s most recently developed fitting. It was introduced in an effort to eliminate leakage in hydraulic systems and allow higher operating pressures.
  • The seal-lok fitting is an o-ring face seal type fitting that consists of a nut, a fitting body, an o-ring and a sleeve.
  • A flat face sleeve is flanged or brazed to the tube and when the fitting is assembled, it compresses an o-ring in a precision machined groove in the fitting body to form a leak tight seal. Seal-lok fittings are suitable for any range of tube wall thick-ness and are also readily adaptable to pipe, metric tubing and hose. The seal-lok connection can be made with either metric or inch tubing by choosing the appropriate sleeve.
  • There are over thirty different body shapes and straights to choose from for specific applications. The body face has a groove which contains a high durometer o-ring that is held captive during installation. In addition, the seal-lok fitting body shapes are forged for added strength and longer service life. Straight products are made from cold drawn barstock. The cold drawing process ensures consistent dimensional tolerances, improved strength and better surface finish. Seal-lok fittings are manufactured with a captive o-ring groove (corg) design for prevention of o-ring fall-out prior to final assembly.
  • Seal-lok fittings meet or exceed all requirements of sae j1453 and are approved by det norske veritas for use in hydraulic systems up to size 38mm o. D. (1 1/2") as shown on certificate p-9538.

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